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The company is incorporated in the year 1995 for the manufacturing of underground coal mining equipment, namely Hydraulic props, legs and Valves for Powered Roof supports and Armoured conveyors. With its vast experience in the manufacture of mining hydraulic equipment and high tensile steel fabrications, the company in collaboration with Indian School of Mines (I.S.M) Dhanbad has submitted a joint E.O.I bid to CMPDI for the development of Self Advancing (Mobile) Goaf Edge Supports (SAGES) for depillaring operations in underground coal mines . The project for development of 6 nos of Mobile Roof Supports was sanctioned under S&T projects of Ministry of coal Government of India in the year 2010. After development of the Mobile Roof Supports and undertaking required modifications based on the field observations the project is successfully completed in May-2014. Now it is possible to indigenously manufacture the Mobile Roof Supports of required capacity and operating range to suit the mine workings.

Mobile Goaf Edge Roof Supports (Jaya Bharath- MRS)

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The state of the art Mobile Roof Supports (Jaya Bharat-MRS) for use as goaf edge supports during extraction of coal by depillaring method from room and pillar workings are developed using a patented design concept of “Base lift mechanism”. This unique advanced design facilitates reduction in Support weight and cost up to 70% when compared to the weight and cost of the conventional Mobile Roof Supports that are available in the international market today. In the conventional Mobile Roof Supports the Support crawlers have to be designed to withstand the load equivalent to rated load bearing capacity of the Support including its own weight i.e for a Support weighing 30.t and rated at 400.t the Crawler frames have to be designed to withstand a total load of 430.t. In the “Jaya Bharat-MRS” of the same capacity, the roof load is directly transferred to the floor via the sliding Base frame, the load on the Crawlers will be zero in the support mode. After release of the load and lowering of the Canopy, the Base gets lifted up and the Support weight is transferred on to the Crawlers. In the transport mode the Crawlers will carry only the support weight of about 12.t. This feature of the “Jaya Bharat-MRS” makes it lighter and cheaper. Further the Support uses only two Hydraulic cylinders along with Canopy stabilizers compared to that of four to seven Hydraulic cylinders and elaborate linkages used in conventional Mobile Roof Supports.

With the application of the above mentioned unique features i.e the “Base lift mechanism” and Canopy stabilization, the “Jaya Bharat-MRS” have become compact, light weight and cost effective with minimal maintenance.

The Hydraulic circuit of the Support is operated by a self contained power pack through solenoid valves. The solenoid valves are operated by a RF based remote hand set from a distance of up to 100 m. The Support is covered from all the sides either with foldable steel plates or chain curtains for preventing the coal and rock debris entering in side the Support during side spalling and rock falling from the roof. An electronic data logging and display system having battery back up unit, facilitates continuous monitoring of the roof load and convergence. An audio-visual warning system is in-built into the system for giving warning related to status of strata load on supports.


Sl.No     Description                                            
JB-200/32          JB-200/45          JB-500/45       
1 Support rating
2 No.of support legs   2222
3 Legs capacity   120.t 120.t 267.t 428.t
4 Support closed height (mm)1850 2050 2200
5 Support extended height (mm)   3200 4500 4500 4500
6 Overall length (mm) 3000300035004000
7 Overall width (mm) 1500 2200 2200 2200
8 Weight (Kgs) 8500 9500 14500 19500
9 Canopy tilt angle (degrees) 15151515
10 Crawler speed (met/hour) (duel speed)500 / 1000500 / 1000740 / 1260740 / 1260
11 Traction force/Drawbar pull (KN)505084114
12 Crawler ground pressure (Kgs/sq.cm)
13 Power pack input power (K.W) 11111822

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Why SAGES as Breaker line Supports

Almost all mines with Room and Pillar workings with Continuous Miners in U.S and South Africa use Mobile Roof Supports ( MRS) as Breaker line supports. It has been proved in these countries that after switching over to MRS from other means of Breaker line supports such as Roof bolts and Timber Cribs and Props the accidents rate has fallen down and the percentage of  extraction and overall production have increased by at least 10%. High cost of imported MRS and low coal prices in India are the reasons for keeping away the MRS from  Indian coal mines having Room and  Pillar method of extraction. As cost of SAGES will be less than 25% of that of imported MRS even with 10% increase in production that will be achieved without incurring any additional costs towards roof support and infrastructure establishment the payback period of SAGES will be less than one year.

Even without considering the increased production, the owning and operating cost of SAGES will be comparable to the installation cost of Breaker line supports with Roof bolts or Steel/Timber Cogs& Props along with Strata monitoring instrumentation.

Deployment of MRS at goaf edges not only facilitates enhanced safety and production but also builds up confidence among  workmen working in hazardous mining environment.

Annual Deployment Cost Of SAGES


  • Cost of each SAGES = Rs.75 Lakhs
  • Cost of 4 SAGES = Rs.300 Lakhs
  • Loan tenure = 20 Years
  • Annual loan repayment amount @12% P.A rate of Interest = Rs. 39.64 Lakhs
  • Annual Depreciation + Interest = 15 + 24.64 = Rs.39.64 Lakhs
  • I.T Exemption benefit = 33% of 39.64 = Rs. 13.08 Lakhs
  • Owning cost of four 500.t SAGES = 39.64 – 13.08 = Rs. 26.6 Lakhs/Year
  • Annual maintenance cost = Rs. 8 Lakhs @ Rs.2 Lakhs each
  • Annual deployment cost of SAGES  = (26.6 + 8)  = Rs.34.6 Lakhs, equivalent of 1,573.t of additional production @ Rs.2200/- per tonne sale price of coal


  • Cost of each SAGES = Rs.35 Lakhs
  • Cost of 4 SAGES = Rs.300 Lakhs
  • Loan tenure = 20 Years
  • Annual loan repayment amount @12% P.A rate of Interest = Rs. 55.5 Lakhs
  • Annual Depreciation + Interest = 21 + 34.5 = Rs.55.5 Lakhs
  • I.T Exemption benefit = 33% of 55.5 = Rs. Rs. 18.3 Lakhs
  • Owning cost of twelve 200.t SAGES = 55.5 -18.3 = Rs. 37.2 Lakhs/Year
  • Annual maintenance cost = Rs.24 Lakhs @ Rs. 2 Lakhs each
  • Annual deployment cost of SAGES = (37.2 + 24) = Rs.61.2 Lakhs, equivalent of 2782.t of additional production @ Rs.2200/- per tonne sale price of coal


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